St. Nicholas Park

The Parish Council are the owners of the open green space on St. Nicholas Park. External funding was received from an application for Lottery Funding together with monies donated from our three District Councillors, which was put towards the purchase of play equipment and seating to be enjoyed by all.  This green open space continues to be well used by the local residents and recently, some outdoor gym equipment, a picnic table and new play equipment was added, using money donated from the Windfarm Committee and our three District Councillors.

Children's Play Area

As well as St Nicholas Park, the Parish Council has two other play areas within Deeping St Nicholas.  There is one at Hop Pole, which has recently had some new play equipment installed, (March 2020) and another down Campain's Lane, which has recently benefitted from new swing seats and a climbing frame.

There is also a large playing field opposite New Road, on the opposite side of Littleworth Drove, which is great for older children to use for more energetic ball games, etc.  Caution needs to be taken when attempting to cross this busy road.

Shops and Services

Vine House Farm, with the Wind Farm and it's own fresh, farm produce, sits to the west of the railway, towards Hop Pole and there is a new village shop to the east of the railway, towards the Church, for your daily staples.

There is a regular bus service through the village, from Peterborough to Spalding and Stamford.

Talks are continuing with all stakeholders, to try to improve transport within South Lincolnshire, with an aspiration to re-open Littleworth Station.

Dog Fouling

There is currently a problem with dog owners not clearing up after their dogs.  The Parish Council implore all dog owners to please clean up after their dogs. Dog fouling is still prevalent in areas of the parish.  Please, please, clear up your dog mess.

St. Nicholas Park Overgrown Vegetation

We would bring to the attention of homeowners along St Nicholas Park of their responsibility to keep their shrubs and bushes free from the footpaths that share their boundary.  Again, the overgrown vegetation does make it difficult for people to walk safely without getting pricked, stung or scratched by some of these bushes.

Overgrown Vegetation

The main road through Deeping St Nicholas (A1175) is a very busy road, and therefore walking along the footpath can be hazardous at times with the traffic moving past, but it is made much worse when land and homeowners don't realise that their vegetation, trees and bushes are actually encroaching the footpath, therefore making it very difficult for people to walk confidently and safely.  Please be aware of overgrown vegetation.

Skate Park

The Parish Council has tentatively been carrying out investigations into the supply of a skate park for our young members.  This has been in response to a letter and the attendance of some of these young people at a Parish Council meeting.  The cost of such a huge project would be far more than the Parish Council could precept for, so other methods of fund raising will need to be explored.

Black & Green Recycling Bags

It has been noticed that some residents are putting their bags out to the front of their homes far in advance of the actual bin collection day.  South Holland District Council asks that we keep them updated of addresses where bags are left outside on the days when it is not a collection date.  Please help us to keep our streets clean and tidy.  Thank you. 

DSN Community Gardening Club

If you're interested in gardening and meeting new people then contact us via our Facebook Page;

or by email;

Parish Action Plan

Deeping St Nicholas Parish Council has engaged with the residents over the past two years to form an opinion of what the future holds for the Parish. To view the plan, and the subsequent results, please click here.

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