6:45pm: Open Session

  • Robbie Jarvis attended with his Carer to put himself forward for co-option.
    • He was advised to send an email to the Clerk who will circulate it to members. 
      • An interview would then be arranged through the HR Committee.
  • DB addressed Cllr Alcock, (as the only District/County Cllr present), to express his dissatisfaction regarding the repairs to North Drove Bank.
    • The PC had received an email from LCC Highways stating that the work had been completed; however, the road is still in a disgraceful state with only a bit of ‘patching’ work carried out.
      • Unfortunately, as this is an LCC matter, Cllr Alcock was unable to assist other than to suggest the PC write again to Highways or ask Cllr Pepper to assist.
  • DB stated that fly tipping seems to have improved and asked whether the new system had been adopted.
    • Cllr Alcock stated that the contract is currently out to tender.
  • DB then raised the issue regarding South Drove which was closed for 10 days with no ‘apparent’ works going on, which caused additional costs to individuals and residents in lengthy detours.
    • Cllr Alcock advised that these are usually County and utilities matters and that Crowland too is gridlocked with closures and detours.


7:00pm: Meeting Commenced


Present:               Nicholas Watts, Paul Barrett, Andy Croyle, Deborah Croyle,

Louise McGuinness, David Branton, Ric Chapman and Barry Hopkins


Clerk/RFO: Angela Harrison


District Councillor Bryan Alcock


In the Chair: Louise McGuinness


Before proceeding, the Chair called for members to stand and observe a minute’s silence in memory of HM Queen Elizabeth II and the recent death of Cllr Angela Newton

  1. 1) To receive and approve apologies for absence

It was resolved to approve the apologies received from William Rodwell and David Strudwick.

(Cllrs Elizabeth Sneath and Nigel Pepper also sent their apologies)

  1. 2) To receive Declarations of Interest, in accordance with the LGA 2000

There were no pecuniary interests declared and no additional non-pecuniary declarations added to those previously held on record.

  1. 3) To formerly adopt the Minutes of the previous Parish Council meeting

It was resolved to approve the Minutes of the July Parish Council meeting and for the Chairman to sign them.


  1. 4) Matters arising from the Minutes, (not covered on this Agenda)

There were none.

  1. 5) To receive the Clerk’s Report


The Clerk talked through the report and the following comments were made: -


Grit bin on Campain’s Lane

  • This has now been replaced by LCC.


Damaged 30mph sign on Campain’s Lane

  • This has been repaired/replaced by LCC.


Nettles around grit bin on Bank’s Drove

  • These have been dealt with by NW.


Spalding Flower Parade

  • Social Media reports that it has reached its capacity for floats – DSN PC will therefore not be entering a float in 2023 but may look to enter in future years.


Consultation regarding street name Zabir Close for the development adjacent to the Plough

  • NW suggested that Harrow Road would be far more appropriate as there used to be a Harrow Pub next door and Harrow Farm behind.
    • Other suggestions put forward were either Platinum Court or Jubilee Close.

It was agreed that the Clerk respond to the consultation with these suggestions.

Action: Clerk

Damaged Bin on Haywain Drive

  • PB stated that it was raised on the playground inspector’s report


Littleworth Playing Field – update

  • It was suggested that the holes in the ground may be caused by moles
    • Mozzymak pest control to be called in.

Action: Clerk

North Drove

  • Although LCC Highways have done some patching work, members were not happy with the repairs.
    • It was suggested that the PC go back to LCC

Action: Clerk

Standpipe on Triangle - update

  • An application has been put forward to the Windfarm Committee towards the cost to Anglian Water.


Bus Shelter Cleaning

  • A discussion was had, and it was resolved to advertise for a cleaner who would clean all bus shelters and empty the bin on Haywain Drive.

Action: HR Committee


Banking for Ringfenced Funds

  • This will be discussed at a Finance Committee meeting. Date to be advised.

Action: Finance Committee

  1. 6) Spalding Flower Parade 2023


The Chairman had been unable to attend the fundraising event in August.  However, it had been noted that according to their Facebook Page, the maximum number of floats has been reached, therefore the PC will not be entering the parade next year but may look at entering in future years.

  1. 7) Community Committee – to receive updates on the Good Neighbour Scheme, Gardening Club and Triangle Project.

Good Neighbour Scheme

  • Numbers are increasing for the “Cuppa & Cake” events held in the Church on Wednesdays between 1 and 3pm.
  • Received £1,000 funding from the YMCA to continue and advertise until the end of this financial year.
  • We currently have regular users and some on-off users as well as some new volunteers.

Gardening Club

  • DSN won Bronze, (only one point away from Silver), in the ‘in Bloom’ competition.
  • Also received the Special Judges Award for creating a sense of community.
  • Vine House Farm won the section for best retail/commercial.
  • DC requested, on behalf of the GC, that the PC provide funding every year.

Action: Finance Committee

Triangle Project

  • Received very favourable comments about the benches and sensory garden.
  • Looking for commemorative benches for Hop Pole and Tongue End for King Charles III Coronation.

PB raised an issue regarding the planters that he looks after at ‘Policeman’s Corner’.

  • Rodents have eaten the bulbs.
    • Suggested this planter be moved towards the entrance of the poultry farm.
    • DC stated that they were looking at replacing some of the wooden planters with metal ones, to be sponsored by local businesses.
    • DB said that Willow Tree Farm would be happy to sponsor a planter.

AC mentioned that the provisional date for next year’s Village Fete would be Saturday 10th June, but this may change to coincide with the King’s Coronation. 


  1. 8) CTC update following meeting with Alison Homes


AC spoke on behalf of the CTC

  • The meeting went very well, and the CTC and Alison Homes have agreed, ‘in principle’ to build the Village Hall once 50% of the houses have been built.
  • This will require a legal agreement which Alison Homes have agreed to pay towards the PC’ legal fees.
  • A1 drawings of the proposed building, received from the developers today, were briefly shown to members present
  • Some of the details outlined were: -
    • Grey water systems
    • Solar Panels on the roof
    • All heating, lighting, and cooling to be acquired without taking power from the National Grid
  • Main Hall 16 x 7.5 meters
  • Kitchen, Bar Area, and Store
  • Lounge/Snug
  • Large meeting room which can be split into 2 smaller rooms
  • Storerooms, Toilets and Stage

A public display of the proposed Village Hall will be arranged, (date to be confirmed), before recommendation to the PC for adoption.


  1. 9) Playing Fields & Bus Shelters – to receive updates on the Playground Inspections, dog bin on Haywain Drive and the Tongue End Playing Field rewilding project.


PB spoke regarding his accompanied inspection of the PC’s play areas and equipment, with the inspector from RoSPA.  He stated that the inspector was very knowledgeable and did not try to sell products as he was completely independent.  He proposed more cost-effective solutions which would ensure the PC got extended use from its pieces of equipment, without compromising safety

  • New swing seats are required at Littleworth and the holes in the ground are suspected to be caused by mole infestation.

It was agreed that the Clerk contact Mozzymak regarding the moles and that PB email the Clerk with the specifications for the swings and fixings so they can be ordered.

Action: PB & Clerk

It was suggested that rather than go through the entire report, the Inspector’s findings would be discussed at a Playing Fields & Bus Shelters Committee meeting, with recommendations put forward for approval at the November meeting. 

Action: P Barrett

  • BH raised the issue of the bin within the small children’s’ play area which has been found to contain items such as broken glass which could be a hazard to small children.

It was suggested that the Clerk contact SHDC to request that the bin be moved to the outside of the enclosed play area and attached to the railings.

Action: Clerk


  1. 10) Tongue End – to receive updates on the rewilding project and request for a Defibrillator.


RC gave an update on the rewilding project with the following points: -

  • Trees and hedgerows are planted
  • Contractors are on site
  • 40% of the trees are not thriving
    • Those that need to be removed, will be replaced



The reason for the request was due to a recent incident where emergency services were called but arrived an hour late and sadly the resident was unable to be saved.


  • Cllr Sneath has offered £250 from her designated ward budget
  • Total cost would be £1,600 + electrical work to affix to post – solar powered
  • This will include the defibrillator, box, training, and ongoing maintenance


The Chairman suggested that this be added to the agenda for the next Finance Committee meeting

Action: L McGuinness

  • PB stated that there would be a Windfarm Committee meeting next Wednesday and that it would not be too late to put forward an application for grant funding.

Action: R Chapman

  • RC also advised that the project had been put forward for the Lincolnshire Environmental awards again this year.

Members congratulated RC and the volunteers in Tongue End for all their work on the project.


  1. 11) South Lincs Connected – to receive updates regarding the station and signal box.


There were no updates on either the station or the signal box at this meeting.


  1. 12) Carrington Drive turning point – to receive an update.


DB advised that he had spoken with D Strudwick who had confirmed that the area would be made into a diamond shaped turning point.

  • Works are programmed for next year involving SHDC and LCC.


  1. 13) To agree meeting dates for 2023 and Venue


The meeting dates for 2023 were agreed as follows: -


23rd January

27th March

8th May Annual Parish Meeting

22nd May Annual Parish Council Meeting

24th July

25th September

27th November


  • The Clerk advised members that she had received notice from the Church that the hire charges are to increase from £10 per hour to £30 per hour.  This will triple the cost to the Parish Council; something that was not budgeted for.

PB declared a non -pecuniary interest at this point.

  • LM suggested that the PC approach the school, as she had recently held a Finance Committee meeting there.
  • DC suggested using the Vine House Farm meeting room which could be used free of charge.
  • The Clerk advised that the venue would need to have disabled access and be able to accommodate anyone who wished to attend, so this might not be suitable for Full Council meetings.

It was agreed that the Clerk contact the school in the first instance to see if they can accommodate the PC’s meetings.

Action: Clerk


  1. 14) To receive recommendations from the HR Committee and to formally adopt HR policies


For the PC to comply with ‘best practice’ as outlined by NALC, the HR Committee recommend the following policies to the PC for immediate adoption.  For clarity, some had previously been adopted but required reviewing and updating: -


  1. Complaints Procedure
  2. Data Protection Policy
  3. Declaration of Acceptance of Office
  4. Declaration of Acceptance of Office (Tongue End Ward)
  5. Emergency Dependants Leave Policy
  6. Equality and Diversity Policy
  7. Expenses Policy for Councillors
  8. Flexible Working Policy
  9. GDPR Security Compliance Checklist
  10. Home Working Policy
  11. Lone Working Policy
  12. Maternity Leave and Pay Policy
  13. Media Policy
  14. Paternity Leave and Pay Policy
  15. Recording and Filming Meetings Protocol


Once adopted and uniformly formatted, these policies will be published on the PC’s website.


RC Proposed

AC Seconded


It was resolved to adopt the policies as listed above.


DC advised members that going forward there would be an induction pack for new councillors, to include training.

Action: Clerk

  1. 15) Accounts and Reports from the RFO


  1. To receive finance reports from the RFO

The reports from the RFO were received.


  1. To approve Clerk’s expenses


  1. To approve outstanding payments (separate sheet)


Items ii) and iii) were moved en bloc


PB Proposed

DC Seconded


It was resolved to approve the Clerk’s expenses and the outstanding payments


  • LM stated that there would be an additional payment for the hire of the school once the invoice has been received. 

This was also approved for payment.


  1. To consider request from DSN Church for a donation towards the upkeep of the cemetery


It was resolved to discuss this item “in Committee” as names and figures would be disclosed.



  1. 16) Agenda items to be included on the agenda for the next meeting


  1. 20mph Limit outside the school
  2. Recommendations from the HR Committee
  3. Update regarding a Defibrillator for Tongue End
  4. South Lincs Connected
  5. Update on Carrington Drive Turning point
  6. Re-siting of bin within the St Nicholas play area
  7. Recommendations from the Playing Fields& Bus Shelters Committee








Open Session finished at 20:55

“In Committee”

The Public & Press to be excluded from the meeting in accordance with the provision of Section 1 (2) of the Public Bodies (admission to meetings Act 1960).  The items to be discussed being of a confidential nature.


  1. 17) To approve recommendations from the Finance Committee regarding:
  1. Banking of ring-fenced funds


It was resolved that the current banking arrangements are suitable.

Clerk to receive regular statements from the account.

Action: DB


  1. Clerk’s Remuneration


The PC Chairman and the HR Committee Chairman agreed to carry out an Appraisal with the Clerk before the next full council meeting.


Agenda item 15) iv) To consider request from DSN Church for a donation towards the upkeep of the cemetery


There were 3 options put forward: -


  1. Make an increased donation to the Church to cover the costs
  2. Choose to provide additional cuts using an external contractor, (2 quotes received)
  3. Use the Church’s existing contractor to provide the extra cuts


It was resolved that the PC would pay the Church’s current contractor to provide up to 3 additional cuts per year, (as required), at the cost of £350 per visit and that the invoices be sent to DSNPC.


  • Clerk to write to the Church to advise of the outcome.

Action: Clerk