Monday 28th March 2022 at 7:00pm, held in Deeping St Nicholas Parish Church

                                                                                                                        (Recorded by the Clerk)


Present:          David Branton (Chairman), Deborah Croyle (Vice Chairman), William Rodwell,

Nicholas Watts, Paul Barrett, Ric Chapman, Charles Sly, Andy Croyle,

Louise McGuinness, David Strudwick and Barry Hopkins


Clerk & RFO:  Angela Harrison


County Cllr Elizabeth Sneath

County Cllr Nigel Pepper

District Cllr Bryan Alcock

District Cllr Jim Astill


In the Chair: David Branton



  1. Apologies


There were none



  1. Declarations of Interest (in accordance with the LGA 2000)



Village Hall CIO:                     N Watts, A Croyle, D Strudwick and D Croyle

Good Neighbour Scheme:      D Croyle, B Hopkins, L McGuinness, P Barrett and A Croyle

Gardening Club:                      D Croyle, A Croyle and P Barrett



  1. Public Speakers (Max 3 mins each)


There were none.



  1. To formerly adopt the Minutes of the previous meeting, held on the 24th January 2022


Proposed:        W Rodwell

Seconded:       A Croyle

All agreed.


The Minutes were signed by the Chairman as a true record.


NW stated that the tunnel at Werrington has now been completed, so there are likely to be more trains going through the village.


The Chairman invited the District and County Councilors to address the meeting.


Cllr Sneath spoke in relation to the gritting of the roads in Tongue End. 

  • They do meet the criteria but there is no capacity at the moment. 
  • She will continue to pursue this next Autumn.


Cllr Astill spoke about an Armed Forces and Veterans Club that has started up in Crowland and added that members from DSN would be welcome to join.




  1. Community Wellbeing


  1. Good Neighbour Scheme
  • There will be an official launch on Saturday 2nd April, between 10am and 12Noon in the Church, aimed at users, volunteers and anyone wanting more information.
  • Members and Cllrs are welcome to come along and support this initiative.
  • Now has its own Facebook Page.


  1. Gardening Club
  • The planters will be planted up in May for the summer.

Triangle Project

  • Zone 1 is now complete.
  • Zone 2 will be a sensory area with 2 benches to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. 
  • These benches are bespoke and will be made by the Forge in Spalding.  They will be aesthetically pleasing, especially to people with dementia.
    • Funding has been secured from the DSN Windfarm.
    • Expected to be ready in April so they will be in situ in time for the fete on Friday 3rd June.
  • DC stated that there had been some issues with a resident whose property backs onto the woodland area, who was concerned about their privacy.
    • The 2 large logs which have been placed there, will be carved into natural looking benches in the woodland area.
    • The volunteers working on the project had received complaints from this resident and the Vice Chairman had been to explain what was happening with regards to the project.
    • Unfortunately, the resident was still unhappy so the Chairman visited the resident and the matter has now been resolved.
  • Funding is still being sought for the woodland area, which is planned to be completed in the Autumn.


Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

DS gave an update on the plans for the village fete planned for Friday 3rd June Bank Holiday.

  • There are approximately 10 stallholders signed up to attend.
  • The primary school are launching a ‘crown design’ competition and will also have their school band.
  • A rhythm and blues band have been booked.
  • The school would like to take up the option of commemorative coins for the children, approximately 60.
    • Price range is between £5 and £10 for coins.

A discussion was had and it was agreed that the Parish Council would allocate £400 to spend on a commemorative gift for each of the children of DSN primary school.

Proposed:        B Hopkins

Seconded:       D Croyle

All agreed.

Action: DC & DB


The cost of the Village Fete is predicted to be £400

Manpower is still the biggest requirement and some of the members along with the Chairman said they would offer their help on the day.


  1. Update on Playing Fields & Bus Shelters


A quote for the replacement bus shelter has not yet been received.

Companies have been approached to quote for the new fencing around the recreation ground, but no response to date.

Hop Pole bus shelter needs repairs to the guttering, which will be included in the quote for the new shelter.

  1. Dog bin Haywain Drive
  • Awaiting repairs to the top.

Action: DB

  1. Update on Tongue End playing field
  • RC stated that he has received funding from the Windfarm for the repairs to the gates.
  • Looking to get the elderberry trees cut down and left for the wildlife.
  • 250 whips and approximately 800 daffodils have been planted.
  • 75 trees planted to make an orchard, including cherry and wild apple.
  • Discussions to be had regarding wild flower planting and maintenance.

It was agreed that the Parish Council would cover the cost of chopping down the elderberry trees.

Action: Clerk


  1.  Update on Littleworth Signal Box


LM advised that the recent meeting had been positive

  • Littleworth was identified as one of five stations in the Local Plan.
  • DSN are ahead because of their feasibility study.
  • Meetings are scheduled every six weeks, and Littleworth re-opening will be raised at each.
  • Funding for improvements to the bus services is on hold.
  • It was confirmed that the rail freight interchange is actually a refueling hub.
  • Looking for joined up transport in place of the motor car.

It was confirmed that if the station were reopened, there would be a footbridge over the railway to cross the line



  1. Update on Carrington Drive turning circle


A Senior Highways Officer at LCC has advised that SHDC are agreeable for the land to be designated as Highway, although there is no date as to when that might happen.

  • Regardless of this, it will still only be a small turning area


The Chairman expressed his thanks to DS and to Cllr Pepper for his assistance.

It was acknowledged that there were very few motor vehicles when the Road was built in the 1930s.


  1. Village News


PB read out an email that he had received from Mrs. Titcombe on the 10th March, which stated that the magazine was much different to the copy that she sent to him

  • According to PB he had only requested 3 edits to the original copy, to tidy it up
  • There are only 3 people involved in the production of the Village News; Mrs. Titcombe, P Barrett and P Green of Classic Printers
  • PB stated that he wished to resign from the position of editor and delivery of the Village News


A discussion was had and it was agreed that the Parish Council want to see the Village News continue.

DB suggested that a meeting be convened between the 3 parties to see what can be done to save the Village News.

All agreed

Action: Clerk & D Branton


  1. Members’ new email addresses


The Clerk confirmed that she had carried out the instruction of the members in setting up dedicated email addresses for them all

  • She stated that over half of members have managed to get onto their new emails, with 5 members not on yet.
  • It was suggested that if required, assistance could be sought from the members that had achieved access or the Clerk


  1.   To receive the Finance Report from the RFO


The reports were received with thanks


  1. To approve Invoices for Payment (see separate sheet)

Proposed:        D Strudwick

Seconded:       B Hopkins

All agreed


  1.   Planning Matters for Consideration


H03-0290-22   Proposed car ports & workshop         East Reach farm, Main Road, Hop Pole


It was agreed that the PC are in support this application     

Action: Clerk

Comment Reference: OWPC32994


  1.   To discuss any information which the Chairman may legally bring to the Council’s attention


PB raised an issue regarding a tree approaching Policeman’s Corner, in the hedge, which has a large branch overhanging the road.

  • Clerk said she would report to LCC Highways and asked PB whether he could provide a photograph to attach to the report.

Action: PB & Clerk


BH stated that the rubberized surface in the children’s play area within St Nicholas Park, is lifting and causing a trip hazard.

  • DB offered to look into this.

Action: DB


LM announced that she has registered the station, signal box, school and the Bluebell pub with Heritage Lincolnshire.

  • The ditches on the left-hand-side, by number 8 Banks Drove, are giving off an awful smell.
    • DB said he would have a look.

Action: DB


DB stated that fly-tipping is rampant in this area and is concerned that there is no action taken by officers.

  • A resident found evidence in fly-tipped rubbish, approached both SHDC ad the Police, neither of whom were interested.
  • There were no prosecutions in South Holland last year.
  • Cllr Alcock added that the problem is likely to get worse as the carriers will now have to use white diesel instead of red.
  • Cllr Pepper added that Boston Borough Council, (who share their management with SHDC), uses outside contractors which is cost-neutral as it is to their benefit to prosecute.  This will be looked at by SHDC.


  1.   Agenda items for the next meeting


There were none






Meeting ended at 8:16pm