DRAFT July 2022 Minutes

Present:          Nicholas Watts, William Rodwell, Paul Barrett, Andy Croyle, Deborah Croyle, Louise McGuinness, and David Strudwick


Clerk/RFO: Angela Harrison


Cllrs Bryan Alcock and Nigel Pepper


In the Chair: Louise McGuinness


  1. To receive and approve apologies for absence

It was resolved to approve the apologies received from David Branton, Barry Hopkins and Ric Chapman.

(Cllrs Elizabeth Sneath and Jim Astill also sent their apologies)

  1. To receive Declarations of Interest, in accordance with the LGA 2000

Village Hall Committee aka CTC

Debs Croyle

Dave Strudwick         

Nicholas Watts           

Andy Croyle


Good Neighbour scheme

Debs Croyle               

Barry Hopkins            

Louise McGuinness   

Paul Barrett    

Andy Croyle


Gardening Club

Debs Croyle               

Paul Barrett    

Andy Croyle


DFWFAC – Wind Farm

Paul Barrett    

Andy Croyle

Nicholas Watts                                   

Debs Croyle

William Rodwell

Ric Chapman


Village News

Paul Barrett    

Andy Croyle

All the above declarations are non-pecuniary


Paul Barrett declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 15 iv)

Andy Croyle declared a Pecuniary interest in item 15 iii)

  1. To formerly adopt the Minutes of the previous Parish Council meeting

It was resolved to approve the Minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting and for the Chairman to sign them.

  1. Matters arising from the Minutes, (not covered on this Agenda)

Item 9b – Village News

  • PB has agreed to continue to be responsible for the distribution of the Village News and has taken on 2 new distributors.
  • AC has taken over the role of Editor

Item 12 – Siting of a standpipe on the triangle

  • A quote has been received from Anglian Water of C£2,700 +VAT for the primary connection.
  • Requested discretionary fund/waive charges for a community project, from AW.
  • There is 26meters of pipe to go in and AW would be responsible should there be any issues in the future.
  • Updates will follow in due course.

Item 5 – Committee Membership

  • DB was not present at the Annual meeting but has requested to join the Finance Committee and come off the Playing Fields & Bus Shelters Committee.
  • LM to replace DB as the Chairman of the Finance Committee and join the HR Committee.
  • D Croyle moved to accept these changes en bloc.
  • A Croyle seconded

It was resolved to approve these changes.

  1. To receive the Clerk’s Report


The report was received, and the Clerk stated that the grit bin at the top of Campain’s Lane may be moved to a more suitable location.  LCC officers will be visiting the site to investigate further.


  1. Spalding Flower Parade 2023 – to discuss the invitation from Cllr Angela Newton for the Parish Council to enter a float.


  • DC suggested that the PC get behind this event and involve the whole community, including the primary school.

After a lengthy discussion, it was decided that the Chairman would attend the fundraiser event scheduled for Saturday the 27th of August in Pinchbeck, to find out more information, and that this item be included on the September agenda.                      Action: LM & Clerk

  1. Community Committee – to receive updates on the Good Neighbour Scheme, Gardening Club, Triangle Project, and the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Fete.

Good Neighbour Scheme

  • Regular monthly “cuppa & cake” events planned.  To be held on Wednesdays between 1 and 3pm, free of charge.
  • An application has been submitted for funding.
  • 2-3 regular users already but hoping to attract more to the scheme.

Gardening Club

  • Planters beginning to bloom.
  • Entered the ‘in Bloom’ competition for the first time this year and were judged on the 5th of July.
  • Awards Ceremony will be held on the 21st of September where the winners will be announced.
  • The woodland area of the triangle project is too dry now, so will wait until the Autumn.
  • Wildflower meadow will be left until late September, to reseed before cutting.

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Village Fete

  • The event was a great success with hundreds of positive comments and feedback.
  • Spalding Guardian reported along with photos.
  • All members, the clerk and local Cllrs attended at some point during the day.
  • Participation of the local school children was a big positive.
  • Following a post fete meeting, it was agreed to hold a ‘summer fete’ each year, date for 2023 to be confirmed.

Village Hall

  • Met with a representative of Allison Homes who are currently the designated developers for the Home Farm site.
  • 2 options were tabled; the first was that they would build the Hall, the second was that they would give us some land and money for us to build it ourselves.
  • The first option was given as the PC’s choice and await the outcome.


  1. Playing Fields & Bus Shelters – to receive updates on the damaged dog bin on Haywain Drive, Dog Fouling Signs, and the Tongue End Playing Field rewilding project.

Dog Fouling Signs

  • It has been noticed that new signs have gone up on some lampposts.
  • Shrubs and trees around the bus shelter in Hop Pole need cutting back.

Action: Clerk to contact Sneath’s and give DS’s number

It was agreed that the following items be moved to the Finance Committee: -

  • Littleworth Playing Field Fence
  • Littleworth Bus Shelter
  • Waste Bin on Haywain Drive


  1. Fly Tipping – to receive any updates since the last meeting

Cllr Pepper was invited to give an update.

  • Boston Borough Council’s scheme is self-funding, and it looks as though SHDC will be adopting the same system.
  • Cllr Alcock added that it had been raised at the last SHDC meeting, where the current numbers of fly-tipping versus convictions was embarrassing.


  1. Littleworth Station Reopening and Signal Box – to receive updates.


The Chairman requested that this item be changed to South Lincs Connected for future agendas and gave the following updates.

  • Meetings held on 6th and 8th of July with LCC and Network Rail.  There will be an update in September.
  • Midlands site visits will take place on the 27th and 28th July.  Representative from LCC has promised to squeeze Littleworth in on their itinerary.
  • Bus Service
  • 301/302 Stamford to Spalding, will include Springfields from August 2022.
  • South Lincs Connected
  • Bus stops at Deeping St James have been costed at £17,000 for independent bus stops.
  • Advised to set aside S106 monies for these, as there is no funding available from LCC.
  • Peak hourly service required for DSN, as per the results of the Parish Plan Questionnaire.
  • Cycle paths and footpaths are under investigation.
  • Next meeting due in September. Date to be confirmed.


  1. Carrington Drive turning circle – to receive an update.


  • DS stated that he had received an update this afternoon via Cllr Pepper.
  • This matter has now been passed to SHDC’s legal department and map shots of what it will look like have been received.


  1. Village News – to receive recommendations from the Finance Committee


The Chairman requested that this be discussed under recommendations from the Finance Committee and details to be discussed “in Committee”.


  1. Planning Matters to be considered

There were none

  1. Members’ new email addresses – update
  • The Clerk explained that all members, except for 2, were using their designated PC email addresses. 
  • These have been setup to make it easier should a freedom of information request come in, as the Clerk has access to all the email accounts. Parish and personal emails need to be kept separate, otherwise personal devices may have to be handed over.                                       Action: Clerk to resend login details to WR and NW.


  1. To receive and approve recommendations from the Finance Committee
    1. To receive finance reports from the RFO


All reports received and explanations given by the RFO.


  1. To approve outstanding Payments (separate sheet)


  • NW moved that the payments be approved
  • PB seconded

It was resolved to approve all outstanding payments.


  1. To consider covering cost of repairs to the DSN Book Box


It was resolved to reimburse AC for the materials purchased to repair the Book Box.


  1. To consider request from DSN Church for a donation towards the upkeep of the cemetery

The Clerk advised members that a Parish Council may not legally donate money to the Church but can pay for/towards the upkeep of an open burial ground.  (The only other exception is the repair of a Church clock mechanism which is seen as a ‘Community Asset’).

A full discussion was had and it was resolved that the Clerk should obtain quotes from Sneath’s and Albany Garden Services for maintaining the churchyard, at the same frequency as the playing fields.

Action: Clerk

  1. Agenda items to be included on the agenda for the next meeting


  1. Churchyard Grass Cutting
  2. Spalding Flower Parade
  3. South Lincs Connected
  4. Littleworth Signal Box
  5. Finance Committee
  6. Carrington Drive Turning Point




“In Committee”

The Public & Press to be excluded from the meeting in accordance with the provision of Section 1 (2) of the Public Bodies (admission to meetings Act 1960).  The items to be discussed being of a confidential nature.


  1. To approve recommendations from the Finance Committee regarding:

Item 3 – Bus Shelter Cleaning

It was resolved that the Clerk contact the current operative to request detailed invoices, (if self-employed), or to offer a contract of employment.

Action: Clerk

Item 4 – Cost of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Fete and Future Funding

It was resolved that the full cost of the Fete be covered by the PC and that a sum of £700 be budgeted for future events, with any shortfall being met by the CTC.

Action: RFO/Finance Committee

Item 5 – Village News Advertising

It was resolved that the Clerk should take over the role of invoicing advertisers and register the PC for VAT.

Action: Clerk

Item 6 – Tongue End Community Funding

It was resolved to accept and approve the recommendation of the Finance Committee and that AC would work with RC to assist the setup.

Action: AC & RC

Item 7 – CiLCA Qualification Costs

It was resolved to accept and approve the recommendations of the Finance Committee. The PC would cover the costs involved, with the caveat that should the Clerk leave within 2 years of obtaining the qualification, the costs would be payable back to the PC.

Action: Clerk to submit invoices for payment.

Item 8 – Budgeting & Expenditure on Scribe

It was resolved that the Clerk would work with the Finance Committee to produce additional reports through Scribe.

Action: Clerk & Finance Committee



Item 9 - Fees for use of PC Land

It was resolved to accept and approve the recommendation of the Finance Committee.  There would be no formal arrangement/agreement, but a donation of £40 upfront made to the PC, to be reviewed on an annual basis.

Action: Clerk & Finance Committee

Item 10 – Measures to detect fraud

To protect both the PC and the Clerk, it was resolved to accept and approve the recommendation of the Finance Committee.  All members will be invited to sit with the Clerk/RFO to observe a Bank Reconciliation, starting with members of the Finance Committee.

AC will be the first member and a date has been set for the 8th of September, prior to the next meeting.

Action: Clerk & AC

Item 11 – Banking for ring-fenced funds

It was resolved to accept and approve the recommendation of the Finance Committee.  The Clerk to seek advice from LALC and advise accordingly.

Action: Clerk

Item 12 - Clerk’s Remuneration

The Clerk and NW left the meeting at 9:30pm