Annual PC Meeting 2022


Monday 30th May 2022 at 7:00pm, in Deeping St Nicholas Parish Church


Present:          William Rodwell, Paul Barrett, Andy Croyle, Deborah Croyle, Louise McGuinness, Barry Hopkins and David Strudwick


Clerk/RFO: Angela Harrison


District Councilor Bryan Alcock


In the Chair: Deborah Croyle (Vice Chairman)


1. Election of Chairman and signing of the Acceptance of Office

Both D Branton and L McGuinness were nominated and seconded


A secret ballot was taken and votes counted by the Clerk.

  • With 4 votes to 3 it was resolved to elect Louise McGuinness as Chair for the ensuing year.

LM signed the Acceptance of Office for the position of Chairman


19:06 – Nicholas Watts arrived


2. Chairman’s Announcements

The Vice Chairman read out the outgoing Chairman’s report in his absence, along with the announcement of the sad passing of Carol McKenzie who had served as a Parish Councillor for Deeping St Nicholas.


3. Election of Vice Chairman

  • D Croyle was nominated and seconded
  • There was a unanimous vote in favour of DC who was duly elected as Vice Chair for a second year.

DC signed the Acceptance of Office for the position of Vice Chairman


4. Vice Chairman’s Announcements

DC thanked members for their vote of confidence.


5. Election of Committees:

The existing membership list had been distributed prior to the meeting and it was resolved to appoint members and Chairmen to each of the following committees:

a. Finance Committee

L McGuinness (Chairman), A Croyle, W Rodwell, N Watts and D Strudwick

b. HR Committee (3 of which will make up a grievance panel)

D Croyle (Chairman), A Croyle, B Hopkins, R Chapman and D Strudwick

c. Planning Committee

A Croyle (Chairman), W Rodwell, L McGuinness, D Branton, R Chapman and D Strudwick

d. Playing Fields & Bus Shelters Committee

P Barrett (Chairman), D Branton, B Hopkins, R Chapman and D Croyle

e. Community Committee

D Croyle (Chairman), D Branton, A Croyle, D Strudwick, L McGuinness and R Chapman

6. To receive and approve reasons for absence

It was resolved to approve the absences of D Branton and R Chapman

7. To receive Declarations of Interest, in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 being any pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest in agenda items not previously recorded on Member’s Register of Interests

Non- Pecuniary interests

  • Village Hall and Community Trust: DC, DS NW and AC
  • Good Neighbour Scheme: DC, BH, LM, PB and AC
  • Gardening Club: DC, PB and AC
  • Windfarm Committee: PB, AC, DC, RC, WR and NW

8. To approve the Minutes of the previous Parish Council meeting

It was resolved to approve the Minutes and for the Chairman to sign them.

9. Matters arising from the Minutes, (if not included on this Agenda)

Carrington Drive turning circle

DS had received an update from Snr Highways Officer that SHDC have agreed to dedicate the land to Highways.

Village News

PB announced that he would be stepping down as Editor and Distributor and would be happy to hand over the distribution lists.

  • AC reiterated his offer of help with this, made on previous occasions.

DC confirmed that the publication is continuing and that articles should be sent to Sue Titcombe by the 31st May.

Fly Tipping

LM raised the issue of 2 fridges dumped in the dike along Banks Drove which have been reported to SHDC but no action taken to date.

10. To receive the Clerk’s report

The members resolved to approve the Clerk’s request to use the PC’s documents in her CiLCA portfolio.

With regards to the 3 quotes provided, it was resolved to accept the quote from RoSPA to inspect the PC’s play areas, when they are in the area during August/September 2022.

Action: Clerk

11. To ask if any person present, (elected members, resident or employed within the Parish), wish to speak regarding any AGENDA ITEM of this meeting (max 3 minutes each)

Cllr Alcock was invited to speak and he advised members of the following:

Fly Tipping

The department at SHDC is short-staffed at the moment, but it is being looked at.


The Home Farm development is coming into fruition.

12. To authorize siting of a standpipe on the Triangle

Title Plans had been obtained by the Clerk which clearly show the area owned by the PC.

  • The email received from one of the Gardening Club members was read out, requesting the need for water to be available at the site.
    • The estimated total cost would be Circa £500 which would include the connection fee, standpipe and lockable tap.

Members resolved to authorize the siting of the standpipe and for the PC to finance the project.

Action: Clerk

13. Community Wellbeing Committee update

Triangle Project

  • Zone 2, (sensory garden), is complete.
  • Zone 3, (woodland area), funding being sought.
    • Tree trunks have been cut and sanded into seating.
    • Local Scout Club will be assisting in September

Good Neighbour Scheme

  • Meeting/lunch/coffee morning to be diarised.
  • 2 users already.

Community Trust Committee – Village Hall

  • Allison Homes is now the designated builder for the Home Farm development.
    • Detailed plans are being worked up, with 2-3 different options regarding the PC’s right to a Village Hall.

Village Fete to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

  • 11am to 4pm Friday 3rd June
    • 12 stalls plus Marquee and BBQ
    • 12pm Judging of the school Jubilee Crown competition
    • 2:30pm school band
    • Games, bouncy castle and a cake stall

14. Deeping Fen Wind Farm

On behalf of the Committee, AC advised the PC of changes to their Terms of Reference;

  • C Sly has resigned
  • AC is now Secretary
  • DC and RC have joined along with 2 residents.

15. Update on Playing Fields & Bus Shelters

  • DC advised that DB is currently seeking quotes for new fencing around the Littleworth recreation ground.
    • Holes in the ground have been reported by a resident.
      • NW agreed to look and report back.

Action: N Watts

a) Dog bin Haywain Drive

DC advised members that DB is arranging to get the damaged bin repaired.

Action: D Branton

b) Update on Tongue End Playing Field Rewilding Project

There was no update as RC was absent.

16. Update on Littleworth Station and Signal Box

  • LM gave a positive update, following a recent meeting with South Lincs Connected and Midlands Connect, who are the bodies that put projects together.
    • They will be coming to visit Littleworth.

17. To Receive Finance Reports from the RFO

The reports were duly received.

18. To approve Invoices for Payment (separate sheet)

It was resolved to approve all invoices for payment, as listed.

19. To formerly approve Section 1 - Annual Governance Statement of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2021/22

  • Each statement was read out and the members unanimously responded, ‘Yes’ to each.
    • It was agreed that statement 9 was not applicable.
  • The Chairman and the Clerk both signed the document.

20. To formerly approve Section 2 – Accounting Statements of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2021/22

  • The members resolved to approve Section 2 of the accounting statements.
    • The Chairman signed the document, which had already been signed by the RFO.

21. Agenda items for the next meeting

  1. Village News
  2. Fly Tipping
  3. Tongue End Rewilding
  4. Standpipe for Triangle
  5. Dog Fouling Signs

It was agreed not to go into Committee as the Playing Fields inspection had been resolved under the Clerk’s Report.

Items to be reported to SHDC/LCC:

  • New grit bin at the top of Campain’s Lane
    • 30mph sign is leaning at a 30-degree angle

Action: Clerk

  • Nettles around the grit bin on Banks Drove need clearing.
    • NW offered clear these

Action: N Watts

  • Grass on the footpath from Banks Drove to Lucks Bridge
    • Already reported by the Clerk and work is scheduled by LCC






Meeting ended at 20:50