September 2018 Minutes

MINUTES of the Meeting of DEEPING ST NICHOLAS PARISH COUNCIL held on Monday 24th September 2018 at 7:00pm, at Deeping St Nicholas Primary School, Deeping St Nicholas

                                                                                                                        (Recorded by the Clerk)


Present:          William Rodwell (Chairman), David Branton (Vice Chairman), Nicholas Watts,

Barry Hopkins,


District Cllr Angela Harrison (Clerk), District Cllr J Astill


Winston Brown (Press)


                        1 member of the public


1.     Apologies


At the time of the meeting, apologies had been received from:


-      George Fitzgerald (Unwell)

-      Ian McDonald (Training Course, Sheffield)

-      Paul Barrett

-      Andy Croyle

-      Charles Sly

-      Richard Ivatt

-      PCSO Nicola Timms (Leave Day)

-      District Cllr Bryan Alcock (unable to attend)


It was resolved to accept these apologies



2.     Declarations of Interest (in accordance with the LGA 2000)


N Watts declared an interest in the Planning Application in Baston Fen



3.     Public Speakers (Max 3 mins each)


•   None



4.     Minutes of the Parish Meeting held on Monday 23rd July 2018


Proposed:       N Watts

Seconded:       W Rodwell


It was resolved to formerly adopt the Minutes and for the Chairman to sign them as a true record.



5.     Reports from District/County Cllrs


•   Cllr Harrison spoke about the recent Pride in South Holland awards afternoon, that she had attended at the South Holland Centre in Spalding.  Whilst there were no winners from Deeping St Nicholas, there were 5 from Crowland, which included the Methodist Church youth group, (MAD) who were nominated for their volunteering and money raising. A wonderful event, showcasing the good work done by individuals in our Community.  Two celebrities from Coronation Street were there to hand out the awards.

•   Cllr Astill wished to speak about the proposed piece of land as a reserved site on the incoming Local Plan, which have caused him to receive a couple of phone calls from residents.

•   Applegates bungalow off Campains Lane – multiple, (seemingly identical), applications submitted, with the last one being approved, which too caused some concern with neighbours.


It was requested by D Branton and agreed by all present, that future Agendas would include the item, ‘Matters Arising from the Minutes’


Update regarding the Tongue End playing field where it was agreed to place concrete blocks across the opening

-      R Ivatt has no concrete blocks but will use a filled plastic container instead. 


It was agreed that the gates should be scrapped but the gate posts kept.



6.     Police Matters


•   Although PCSO Timms was unable to attend the meeting, she had submitted a crime report, which the Clerk had circulated prior to the meeting.  It was as follows:


23/07/18 – 23/09/18:


ASB -1 (neighbour dispute)

Theft-1 Main Road

Hare Coursing-1  A1175 Littleworth Drove

RTC-4  Main Road (no injuries), Chappell Road (no injuries, only one car involved), New Road (collision with child and car, minor injuries), Littleworth Drove (collision with car and dog, no human injuries).


It is coming around to the time of year when the hare coursers will be showing their faces again…please encourage parishioners to report any sighting, with descriptions and vehicle number plates, as soon as possible. Their help is invaluable!


The report was received but it was noted that it would be preferable to have the officer present to question the report.



7.     Speed Awareness Update (Speed Gun)


-       Paul Barrett is leading this campaign

-       Attended course with 3 others

-       Signed relevant paperwork

-       LRSP representative attended the village and approved 3 sites in which to operate Church car park, new bus stop and Harrow Road

-       Need to purchase signs, 2 x guns and 10 x hi-vis

-       Need to recruit more volunteers


There was a discussion about the approved sites, especially the close proximity of the Harrow Road and church car park, the fact that the latter is privately owned land and that there is not a site the other side of the railway crossing, e.g. opposite the primary school.


-       It was agreed to purchase the equipment in order to move forward quickly

-       Cllr Harrison said that she had received interest through her FB page and would forward their details to Paul Barrett





8.     Playing Fields & Bus Shelters


•   Campains Lane - the Windfarm Committee have advanced £5,000 to purchase a climbing frame

•   The District Cllrs have pledged a further £5/6,000 between them, which would cover the cost of up to 2 pieces of gym equipment for Campains Lane plus an additional bench for Nicholas Park

•   Permission would need to be sought from the landowner, before any items are purchase

-      Clerk to write a letter to RC Tinsley Ltd, c/o D Branton


Next year the PC plan to apply for funding for the play area at Hop Pole

There have been no comments about the proposals for Tongue End playing fields, but the PC are open to any future suggestions.

Unfortunately, the area was not sufficient for SHDC to turn it into woodland and it was not possible to purchase the adjacent land.


Harrow Road bus shelter

Someone has knocked some of the glass bricks out of the shelter, leaving glass everywhere. 

D Branton reiterated that should their application be approved, he would be happy to fund and provide a new bus shelter and suggested that there be a consultation as to what type of bus shelter would be required.

-      This will be investigated further.


Nicholas Park

An issue was raised regarding some hanging branches that children have been swinging on.

-      The Chairman will get these trimmed back on the next cut

Hedge on left hand side on Nicholas Way, LCC responsible so the Chairman will get it cut back.

The Chairman had received a call from Cooks stating that somebody had been in Carlton’s Field and cut back a lot of the spinner without his permission. 

-      N Watts will look into it and try to find a contact number. 

The roadside hedge also needs trimming back.



9.     Correspondence


•   Nothing to report



10.  Accounts Update


An update of the accounts had been circulated to all Cllrs prior to the meeting.


Payments Due:


Treasurers Account







Room Rent (School)






11.  Planning Matters for Consideration








Construction of a 32,000 Bird Multi-Tier Free Range Egg Production Unit


No Objections or comments






Works to Deeping St Nicholas TPO No. 1, 1997

TPO Tree Works

No Objections or comments





Chapel Littleworth Drove Hop Pole PE11 3HJ

Proposed change of use and conversion of Chapel to residential


No objections






12.  Any Other Matters


The success of the fun day on the triangle

- Raised just under £1,000 towards the Community Hall

- Good turnout, well supported with good feedback

- Noise concerns were expressed by neighbouring properties which were discussed on the day


Railway crossing jammed up on 18th September which caused aggravation in the village and through Spalding.  It may have been caused by the weather.

DB had a problem with crossing at Campains Lane which was down for over 4 hours back in June. The team had to come all the way from Gainsborough as Peterborough couldn’t help.


LCC have cleaned out the drains on the East side, but the west side is still a problem

Litter picking

- Windfarm Committee have put £1,000 towards litter picking through the main part of the village


War Memorial has been cleaned and the process of adding the new name is now underway.

Windfarm Committee had some funds left over from last year, plus £14K received through the turbines and are distributing it as follows:

£5,000 Campains Lane

£1,000 Litter Pick

£5,000 Bell Tower

£4,000 Path for disabled access down to the school playing field

£2,000 War Memorial


Change of Future Meeting Dates


It has become apparent that our future meeting dates are set to clash with another Church user group, which has resulted in us having to find other venues for these last 2 meetings.  We will resume meetings in the Church, with the next meeting moving forward one week, to Monday 19th November.

Meeting dates for 2019 will be confirmed at the next meeting.

Meeting ended at 8:25pm