September 2018 Agenda


Deeping St Nicholas Parish Council

7pm Monday 24th September 2018

*Deeping St Nicholas Primary School, Deeping St Nicholas




  1. To receive/approve Apologies for absence

2.              To receive Declarations of Interest, in accordance with the LGA 2000.

3.              To ask if any persons present, (resident or employed within the Parish), wish to speak regarding any AGENDA ITEM of this meeting. (max 3 minutes each).

4.              To formerly adopt the Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 23rd July 2018 and for the Chairman to sign them as such.

5.              To receive reports from District/County Councillors or representatives of other local organisations.

6.              Police Matters.

7.              Speed Awareness Update (Speed Gun)

8.              Playing Fields & Bus Shelters.

9.              Correspondence

10.           Accounts Update

11.           Planning Matters for Consideration


12.           To discuss any information which the Chairman may legally bring to the Councils attention.

*Change of Venue as Church is in use